Kitt Fine Pianos

The Kitt Fine Pianos retail store has closed.  A new lease could not be agreed upon.  The retail development in the Cottonwood Mall area has increased dramatically with national chains driving lease rates upward and displacing some local merchants like us.  Thank-you to all our customers over the years for your support!

I still offer some specialty services that may benefit you and there is more time now to concentrate on the following:

Piano Rentals for special occasions

Grand and upright pianos are available for performances, recitals,

weddings, parties, meetings, photoshoots etc.

QRS PianoMation Installations, Upgrades and repairs.  MIDI retrofit

Controller kits also.

PianoDisc Installations, Upgrades and repairs.

Piano parts, accessories and supplies.


I still have used pianos left over from the Cottonwood Mall store.

There are a variety of spinets, consoles, studio uprights, full uprights and grands.

There are Steinway & Sons and Mason & Hamlin uprights and grands in

various stages of refurbishing.  Please call 505 898-5266.

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